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So, what’s the deal with Trust Tree?

And it all started with a peace treaty coffee on a January morning in 2018 at Thatcher’s Coffee.

But let’s back up for a hot sec and explain about the peace treaty. It really all started in the 90’s when our co founders, Lisa and Elizabeth, first crossed paths. It was the dawn of their careers in the construction and development industry. They were a couple of smart, ambitious young women determined to make a mark. Riding the boom in the region, along with opportunities, they endured the condescending attitudes and mansplaining that pervades such a male dominated industry (or really, any industry we would guess). They bonded in the same way that fire forges strength. Yeah, what we’re saying is that it was not an easy road.

They traveled similar paths for years as they each worked their way up ranks, collecting battle scars and war stories. It was a tough environment and it ended up straining their friendship and they fell out of touch.

And that’s how they found themselves years later chatting at Thatcher’s. Lisa reached out with an invitation and Elizabeth said yes. Sitting across from each other, feeling pretty vulnerable, they updated each other on their lives. Sharing their stories allowed them to feel seen and feel not so alone. And the peace treaty was complete.

Thus, Trust Tree was born.


Trust Tree was sparked by a desire to provide platforms that allow women to share their stories with the world. There’s a remarkable strength in the bonds we create when we know each other’s stories.