Welcome to Trust Tree

Welcome to Trust Tree

So, the question we hear the most is,
what’s the deal with Trust Tree?

Well, Urban Dictionary defines a trust tree as a mythical place where no one rats on each other and, Sister, we are here for all of that.

Our ambition is to connect a worldwide tribe of kickass Sisters that are doing what it takes to make their lives shine. And to lift each other up through purposeful action – we cannot stress that enough. Whether you are running a multi-national corporation or a multi-person household, we see you. We want to know your story and empower you to live your best life, however you define that.

We started Trust Tree loosely based on the model of what rap collectives are doing right now – and they are killing the game – the idea being that we are stronger together. That focus on collaboration and the powerful way it creates new energy while supporting each other in solo efforts builds so much momentum. When you feel like your posse is standing right behind you offering wisdom, advice and connections, how could you not take the leap?

We don’t have the answers about how to subvert the dominant paradigm of scarcity and competition, but we’re committed to diving into the questions together. How can we best, and most effectively, lift each other up? What can I do today to make a Sister’s life better? We’re all in this together, folks, we’ve just got one life, so we may as well work together to make this journey the most fulfilling and enriching one we can imagine.

Ready to join us?

If you’re a badass whose looking for something deeper than an exchange of inspirational memes on social media and you’re not an asshole who is only interested in getting themselves ahead, please connect with us on our socials/sign up for our newsletter and attend one of our Trust Tree sponsored events. We hope you’ll learn a little, have fun and maybe, perhaps, find the tribe you’ve been dreaming of.

Please, feel free to look around, we’re a bit under construction right now as things are evolving quickly, so check back for updated information.

If you’re interested in collaboration on something amazing, for sure hit us up –


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